Big Brothers Big Sisters program helps kids have fun

By Alex Mendicino Big Brothers Big Sisters is a program where a younger student, or a “Little”, is paired up with an older person of the same gender, called their “Big.” They meet at a school once a week with all of the other big brothers and big sisters and just have fun. To be […]

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Book buddies offers volunteer opportunities

Felicia Ruffolo Algonquin Area Public Library is looking for high school volunteers to sign up for summer book buddies. Book Buddies is pairing grade 1-8 students with high school volunteers for 45 minutes of reading time once a week for six weeks. Book Buddies will start June 9 and end July 22. Students or volunteers […]

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Hinkle’s retirement touches all

By Izzy Stevenson It’s rare to find something or someone that everyone likes, especially in high schools, full of thousands of different students with thousands of different opinions. However, at Jacobs High School, there is someone that is unanimously adored by all – the ever-popular James Hinkle. Among all the Eagles at Jacobs, Hinkle is […]

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New administrative building is built on campus

By Alyssa Roimiser A new administrative building is being made on the Jacobs campus so that all the departments are in the same place. The departments include Human Resources, Business, Communications, Grants, Purchasing, Special Education, Transportation, Teaching and Learning, and Operations. The school district feels that the 100 employees who work in the central office […]

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Crackdown on hallway passes fixes problem at hand

By Faith Madigan Golden Eagles have not been getting any detentions for not having passes in the hallways anymore. Starting in about March, there had been an increase of students being found not having passes in the hallways. Now hall security is being stricter on students by handing out detentions. No detentions have been issued […]

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Students all set for summer reading

Felicia Ruffolo The Jacobs High School English department has decided what summer reading book each grade will read. Over the summer, 9th-12th graders will be assigned a summer reading book to read before they come back in August. The English Department has required all students to read the book they are assigned. The first week […]

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Dress code brings yearly controversy

By Alyssa Roimiser As it gets warmer students are bringing out their spring and summer wardrobes. This is the time of year the gym shorts come on. Lots of girl students are getting busted now for their skirts and shorts, but that’s not the only thing the dress code prohibits. The dress code states, “Students […]

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Summer school offers opportunity to get ahead

As the school year draws to a close, students slowly switch their focuses from their classroom Smart Boards to the warm sunshine and bright green grass taunting them from outside. Summer is approaching about as fast as their enthusiasm to learn is leaving. When students think of summer, “school” and “learning” are not the words […]

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Senior prank goes viral

By Alex Mendicino This one is sure to go down in the Jacobs High School history books. The talk in the hallway was that the seniors were going to have a “slip ‘n side” down the hallway and everyone was eager to watch. At the end of 6th period, it was set up and a […]

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Stabbings in Pennsylvania

Samantha Tintner On April 9, 2014 at Franklin Regional Senior high school in Murrysville Pennsylvania, one student attacked 20 of his peers and 1 of the teachers in that school. 16 year-old, Alex Hribal, came to school with 2 steak knives. Hribal walked up and down the hallways stabbing and slashing anyone who got in […]

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