Dawson departs

By Ryan Blanchard Seventeen years is a long time. It is even longer than most of the students’ lives at Jacobs High School. Mrs. Dawson is leaving Jacobs High School at the end of the semester after teaching biology for many years. “I have always enjoyed teaching biology. I have strived to help students make […]

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Jacobs bids farewell to Mrs. Decicco

By Lauren Lombardo Tackling the day with an abundance of positivity and flashing a warm smile to every person one comes across are two actions that may be tough to achieve for some. Ms. Decicco, Jacobs’ long time secretary, does just these things daily without any hesitation. Nearly 16 years ago she walked into Jacobs. […]

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Jacobs grounds crew prepares for winter weather conditions

By Kaitlin Majeski With the winter weather quickly approaching, people are starting to prepare for driving in the snowy conditions. Jacobs High School is among the masses as they prepare the school for colder weather. The grounds crew spent $20,000 on snow removal supplies alone last year. Although this number may seem excessive to students, […]

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Students raise money for pasta for pennies

By Kaitlin Majeski The mouthwatering scent of fresh pasta and breadsticks filled the minds of students in Mr. Hornberg’s third period class when they were announced the winners of the Olive Garden feast for raising $185 for Pasta for Pennies. Mr. Hornberg’s third period AP US History class will celebrate their successful fundraising with a […]

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Breast cancer awareness soars through Jacobs

By Yannet Tello This October is breast cancer awareness month, and throughout the school, many students have been wearing pink every Tuesday. During the week of October 14 through the 18, Relay for Life sold shirts to students who wanted one. They also held a pink out game. Staff and students donated some money for […]

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Colleges visit Jacobs

By Ryan Blanchard One of the most stressful decisions in life is choosing the right college. To help students with this tough decision, Jacobs is hosting a college presentation every day from October 15 through the 31. Small colleges as well as large schools will visit throughout the next two weeks. Local schools such as […]

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Grand Theft Auto V creates virtual mayhem

By Taylor Minadeo People all over the country stood in line for the midnight release of the “latest and greatest” video game to be released in years: Grand Theft Auto V. On September 17, over 8,000 Gamestop locations in the U.S opened their doors for excited gamers to purchase the newly released video game. Known […]

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Gift card raffles encourage school spirit

By Brianna Gallagher News Writer Every Friday during third period one student will be chosen by Mrs. Van Horn, Mrs. Fries or Ms. O’Brien to be the winner of a gift card for wearing Jacobs spirit wear. Mr. Mitchum presented this idea because he used to do it when he was in high school. This […]

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Students collect mints for veterans

By Megan Mangieri News Writer Harry D. Jacobs High School supports our soldiers this month. Jacobs High School did the same thing last year, and the soldiers really appreciated it. Other schools in our area also participated in this kind act for our soldiers. It was Adrien Lindblom’s (teacher at Westfield) idea to do the […]

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“Dehumanized” by water fountain inconvenience

By Brianna Gallagher News Writer The water fountains upstairs near the E staircase have been out of order since August 21 of this year due to damage done over time that has caused them to be unsafe, costing the school $4,300. “They’re old, discontinued, and parts are hard to find,” said building manager Jeff Rothstein. […]

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